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Social media is an extraordinary marketing toolAllow us to assist you reach your customer, in their social worlds

Supported Onsite Specialise

We have found that some companies have complex marketing strategies and customer segments. With a
supported onsite specialist you have someone working directly with your marketing team to fully understand
these complexities.

Under the Supported Onsite Specialist structure we provide a fully trained specialist to work from your premise on your businesses online strategy.

You do not by any means only get one brain, however. Your specialist will be fully supported by our team and board of directors to ensure you are getting outstanding results.  

Your SOS will spend one afternoon a fortnight meeting with a support group, made up of members of our board and social media team to discuss your specific social media strategy. They will also have access to all our resources while onsite via email and our intranet.

This service is invoiced by the hour, ranging from $25-$60 per hour depending on your specialists skill level.

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Within a couple of weeks we had hundreds of people in our group and were being inundated with stories and comments about dealing with the process of placing a loved one in care.

- Anthony Johnson
Health and Aged Assist