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Social media is an extraordinary marketing toolAllow us to assist you reach your customer, in their social worlds

Social Media Marketing Services

Social media can be an extraordinary marketing tool if the correct strategy is in place. Our Social Media Marketing Specialists have a deep understanding of targeted social media marketing strategy which allows us to create a comprehensive plan to reach out to your customers in their online network, maximising results for your organisation.

Social Media sites are taking over the way consumers communicate, lead by Generation Y. As these sites attract more and more Australians, we have even seen a substantial proportion of the baby boomers generation jump on board.

Now… Lets see what we can do for you!

We design a social media marketing strategy for your business… including;

   • A Social Media Conversation report

- Who is saying what about you online and where

   • Your customised social media plan

- Which sites do your customers frequent and how can you best reach them

   • An Action Plan

- How we plan to make it all happen

   • In-house Implementation Guide

- Easy to follow instructions if you will be implementing your plan in-house

   • A Crisis Management Report

- What actions are required in the case of negative responses


We can then carry out any or all of the following, depending on your needs;

   • Set up all required social media accounts and pages (Including page desi gn, landing pages etc.)
   • iPhone and Android applications 
   • Facebook application
   • Regular update of content
   • Scheduled reviews and plan updates

The end result of all this is that your business will make a positive and lasting impression on your current and potential customers in their online society.

Flexible Delivery™ Options

All our marketing solutions have flexible delivery™ options. We have 3 different delivery options, ranging from completely online to completely on-site. Flexible delivery allows us to start our prices at $399 for a comprehensive, persoanalised and easy to follow Social Media Plan and also assist if you have more complex needs. Find out more about flexible delivery options here.

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Through the use of facebook events my students can now easily find out about and sign up for classes with no need for email outs and online forms. They can even schedule classes on their computer calendars and see which of their friends are coming to individual classes.

- Tom Quinlan
Quinlan Consulting

Complete Online Delivery

Selecting the Complete online delivery structure means huge cost savings. We defiantly do not skimp on quality, just hand holding time.

You are provided with a comprehensive, persoanalised and easy to follow Social Media Plan which you can implement in house or out-source to us.

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Consultant Style

We meet with you, traditional consultant style, and discuss your businesses Social Media Marketing Needs.

We provide a quote up-front for your requirements, then you sit back and watch as the results materialise. We will report back to you regularly and even pop in for a visit or two.

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Supported Onsite Specialise

Under the Supported Onsite Specialise structure we provide a fully trained specialist to work from your premise on your businesses online strategy.

You do not by any means only get one brain, however. Your specialist will be fully supported by our team and board of directors to ensure you are getting outstanding results.

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